Teaching experience

From when i was sixteen i picked up the last windsurfing course from a sailing school and started to teach windsurfing in the summers. What i have been able to do with windsurfing is learn the specifiks the background, a bit of the theory and testing it. From the windsurfing and teaching on the sailingschool i went to a sport school to learn how to teach gymnastics, wich was with my old teacher that i had when i was young. I learned much here and to see the exact same place from the other side of the fence so to speak was revealing to myself and reminding myself of them sitting there and i enjoyed this alot. I quit the education cause the management side and business side, basicly i was not efficient or had not I on turning it into a money generating proffession, where this could be easily done but i didn’t i wanted the experience only and not do all the hard work.


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