Life is one of those abused words, like love. People boasting about there life or what a great life and so on, while i myself have lived only on stimulation of my mind through games and drugs, alcohol and any entertainment to not have to face myself. This is not living i knew because i was simply reaching out for something else all the time and not living here, but rather finding something to live. Something to hide behind and identify myself with. Something to call life and worthy of living, not realising myself as life here not defined by anything seperate of me except that what I accept and allow myself to be limited as. I realised also that the stopping of limitation brings on a new experience wich is self confrontation in the form of fear, where the self definition bumps into no-go’s and can’t do’s and pain through the physical indicating manifested systems. I’ve become open and i am not limiting myself as i am not accepting and allowing any lies or fake covers for life anymore, instead living here in and as the physical and process life.


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