I have played many pc games, console games etc. wich are too many to recall and not really relevant right now, but i realised after a while not gaming that it is not the games itself that is the problem but self accepted and allowed bullshit that is the problem. Games of many genres either have to do with testing your skills and stroking your ego and or gambling of sorts. I did find that you can enjoy yourself no matter what you do and that it is not what you do that derminds who you are but who you are that determind what you do. I did play back some games and i could let them go easily or simply delete them. The forgiveness on games and entertainment, come from a personality perspective and a inferiority complex and urge to become more and to do something where you can create a space wich you “own” that piece wich you own and invest in becomes your “pride” and is a way of expressing through a system exactly the same as the world where you can only express yourself if you have money and own stuff, wich alltogher is supporting system manifestation and limitation of self expression for all as one and equal as life.


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