I have had dreams when i was younger that would repeat when I was sick, the moments would have distorted time. Wich i found interesting looking back at it. I have for a while disregarded dreaming, but lately i remember dreams. I studied them by comparing others that shared dreams on the desteni forum wich i found very supportive and i compared them to my own dreams. I noticed with dreaming that it is a compilation of myself, like a movie set being build from stuff that is either triggered by anything and comes from the subconscious or that wich is not consciously present while awake. Sometimes by simply seeing a word or hear anything will trigger a whole set of memories or experiences from the passed and so it is linked and basicly played out and made as a template for another time to experience. I also experimented with not sleeping and instead of sleeping resting. When i had not slept i felt as if i was in a room and the sounds and activity around me simply blured and was more like a storm. I hear my own voice more clearly and it is if the world “out there” dissapears and like i am in an isolation cell.


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