I havent read many books although lately i realised that i can read fine less effort is required to read. No ressistance and or the forming of definitions or the linking into something else, wich makes reading more smooth. I dived into some books specificly about qabalah, lots of  documentaries. I realised that when i came to desteni i was possesed and obsessed by knowledge and information. Though the video’s that were giving practical support and the tools offered were grabbed and I remember that it was immidiately useable, not complicated and direct wich I found often missing in lets say human beings in general. I read when i was 16 orso the world of sophie and some books from terry prattchett wich i enjoyed how he played with informationnot the stories themselves and i havent read all of them to put it lightly. I consider what i can use practically and put into application. Reading some books for entertainment wasnt my thing anyway, but now a book i uses either to link information and basicly to simplify wich i did a lot in the beginning of my information obsession where i realised that many comes down to the same simple basic things and that at the end of the day we are shitting fuckers that still dont know what the fuck.


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