eyes spark in the dark

from rose red to violet blue

giving back all of you

as the sun reflected on

the moving surface of the sea

swirling up in curls

from the deep to be

Turning tides into silver lines


Steps follow

shadows on the sand

hands merge to form an arm

prints break and grains wash away

Murky waters

Grass carpets wave with the wind

ripples on a lake make up shape

pine apples sink while needles drift

on murky waters the image shifts


Rolling shiny bold sour sweet pinching from the tip of my fingers to the bottom of my feet


Rips of

short clips

A flickering click

Vangs pricking in

Bones sticking out

A scream in the night

Bodies without blood

Dry rivers flowing up

Acid coming down

Still crops crown

pressing out

the doubt



clicking in the yellow brick road

sitting on the others in the wall

swimming in cement

Sticking on the rest


Turning Tides

Golden Tulyps

Hips Twist

Wrists circle

Hands swirl

heads turn

fingers stir

Hearts break

bodies shake

In these times

life is Taken

from living


Violet Violins

The sun fades to black

Dunes bleed red

the moon rolls back

Violet blends the sky

Loops shoot down

Static ensnares the dome

Tearing and breaking

Laying down a web of static

moving like sirup

grains of sand shifting in a clock

violin strings stretch

waves of sound turn to rock

waterfalls flow up

mountains stream below

scratches of a crow

draw lines as shadows

voices grow of the sparrows

magpies peak with swift emissions

Grass sings and seeds spring in the moonlight

the sun gives without a fight

bells ring and trafficlights turn on


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