Watch the screen untill the end of the scene,
I’ll stay bright and keen
Breathing here standing clear in the twilight,
my mind goes out of sight as disappearing sparks in the moonlight,
no reason to fight for as thoughts take height
Nothing to flight from as they come,
I’ll stay right here, bright and clear
Still I hear the endless bombing,
seeing people standing and people crawling
Dead remain as we keep stalling
I cant stop as we keep falling
Is it gold that runs through my vains?
Dont people realise this before switching lanes?
cranes keep pumping black, as we lay on our back in the slack and
the train runs surely off the track
Is it money in this game I pack onto my back and honesty I lack?
breathing here as the shameless, the fameless the nameless
Can you apply selfforgiveness or are you blameless?
nothing here to fear or cheer my dear
All I see is the lean and mean, the more and sore
when do we stop settling the score?
Only darkness is surrounding me
Is this all my eyes get to see?
Why cant you see ME?
Breathing Here in the twilight zone
Living in this world all on my own as I moan all alone
Will we start combining all our right?
Show ourselves in broad daylight as you and I can be in this reality and See our own fidelity.


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