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What makes Desteni Tick

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Some years ago I got involved with the Desteni cult. If you know nothing about it fine, but Here I use some space to rant, advice, awaken and what not else you get out of it.

First off look at Desteni where they are now in terms of actual content compared to where they were years ago the research on the dimensions was that first they had beings come through the portal, oh right the portal you don’t know about that and the dimensions might seem strange to you as well. The Portal is an inter-dimensional gateway as claimed able to bring all and everything here, the dimensions is when we talk about heaven and such to make it easy to navigate through this post.

So the content is that they have changed all of the dimensions and in fact deleted it and put all the beings involved in process to assist and support humanity now you would say that is a daunting task, but no it was done overnight more or less and the actual written text about it is scarce. Lots of talks about beings that talk to you on eye level, even the reptilians the supposed creators of mankind. But what might be the biggest change and the actual working of how they never question this and I am talking about the workings of the portal itself. Its just a woman with good communication skills that went full out on this story. But the actual meat on the bones of the story is scares its a skeleton with some beings (not even that many) that tell their story in short bursts that have very little to say in the end except for process and what Bernard has been teaching them for many years.The research if you can call it that, because it doesn’t  follow any scientific method, on the dimensions is a grain of salt in an ocean of possibilities and should have been much bigger from the start, but hey ho you can buy em now for a euro a piece (don’t forget that these interviews are often around 70+ euros long)

Bernard, I met em and I liked em, but there is also things that i noticed about him that were hard to forget. He was in no means perfect and he had the altitude that what he was doing what was best for all and if somebody didn’t like it they could fuck off. Input was often swayed with famous lines as, ‘but look at your starting point’. Well educated, many books on hypno regression and other books that he had read including a good dose of science fiction no doubt. He gave birth to Desteni and is the soul-mother of it all, like a sketch of a multi-animal he would portray himself because the camera was for some reason a problem for him. (it needs to be the group that is doing something otherwise you just get stuck and he knew it) Like the multi-animal Desteni is created from a background of demonology, law, science fiction, a dose of Osho, Zecharia Sitchin, books about past life regressions of hypnotherapists to books about kinesiology all and everything you want from Desteni is already here just brought together including a piece of software that lets you repeat words to increase your vocabulary (which he re-purposed from other people. more or less stole it) Things I noticed about Bernard is that he never showed himself for too long while not being in form, probably because in those early years people would so easily get confused if he didn’t put a right example also he had anger issues, which some might call differently but he did. However Desteni did get finished and I gota give em that he put in the time and effort needed for Desteni to become a success, that was never gonna work with Sunette alone. There was need of a director and that is what he played. He went for the End game. Too bad he past away I bet he would have been proud.

The followers of Desteni generally don’t post much Desteni stuff on their wall. Some don’t care cause they only have Desteni friends on facebook, but some do and its funny. Mind the Desteni posts because what if that bursts your friend bubble on facebook, ey? Talking big to defend it but only keeping it as a project in the basement or maybe your friends wouldn’t understand, well send em to this post maybe they will.

And what if we for a second say its all true the dimensions and all that, what a crap job then of reporting it in terms of actual research as I said the implications and scale would be immense and could never be done by one person alone.

The Entity Human

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The human being is an entity that creates thoughts which in itself is an entity that interacts and combines itself with other thoughts and forms patterns within which we decide with intelligence where they go and what we give importance to which also arose from thoughts which are mutated and arranged through the environment with which we interact with as ultimate goal: survival.

Words are entities that we combine and mutate combined with other words made up of sounds that we link to images and other sounds. A sound is an entity that interacts with other sounds and so we create an entire library of entities that through breathing and physically moving get manifested in some form or another.

Therefore thoughts are never truly yours, they are entities that you have to deal with from a very young age and just got better at. At some point those entities start interacting with you again where you interact with the mutated thoughts that have manifested in a complex entity that adepts and developed with you so you started to think that is you but it isn’t.

It is the complex thought form that is you, in reality you are a living breathing machine that produced a copy of itself mentally and is now interacting with you on a daily basis like a artificial intelligence. And to be frank what is the difference really between a computer doing this or an organism doing this the result is the same.

The difference is that a machine isn’t breathing, well this could be mimicked you could argue – but could you have a human body grown and then implement a complex consciousness that is the question really. Well there are problems with that since the bond isn’t there and has to be forged artificially.

The bond that the artificial intelligence or consciousness that is implemented is fooled by itself thinking that it is the human body, being completely convinced by this then it is possible. Given that the grown human body was completely clean and didn’t develop a consciousness of its own during the incubation process. Which then has to be suppressed to be able to wear this new consciousness.

But wait isn’t that exactly how it is now, we have a suppressed self and on top of that we have this complex that is called our developed self? Ever heard of people saying they are really a little boy or girl from a year or 12? That what is really inside is simply the child within that at some point just got loaded with new software and stopped steering the ship?

That is what it seems like anyway although most never confront the traumatic memory that let them shove their childhood under the hood and started accepting the new self to take the wheel. In many cultures there is also a specific ritual to become adult but usually it happens much earlier in life where you can’t cry and have to survive and be big and strong.

Such is life? Well of-course that is the design (cause we designed it), but might it also have to do with the fact that we have created an environment that demands for this to happen? What is puberty but a struggle for identity which you have to find in a group that doesn’t know its identity either. Isn’t that creating an environment where you have to be strong to survive in terms of personality, because not having one and showing that you have no clue is weakness and will get you kicked out of the group?

It’s kind of bizarre since there is no teacher telling you that stuff when you grow up, instead its just lots of knowledge and information and competing with others to satisfy the ultimate goal of survival really. How would a world look if there was no competition in schools? Would the quality of education just go down or maybe we could go ahead into a golden age where children reach their true potential and not get stuck in an office at the age of 30?

Not to deny that there is a lot education can do for someone, it’s just that learning can be coupled much better with that actual practice so that you at least have a sense of what you are learning it for instead of just scoring high numbers at some school that then gives you a paper which you can use to find jobs. Rather find a job and have education support you through your work, makes much more sense to me anyway.

Or are jobs we have just not accessible is that what we are hiding behind school? Have we created an environment that is just the ultimate mutation of our personalities where a few sit on top and rule the rest through money. You tell me 1.2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water how do you explain that to a young child that has grown up with it..


The Freedom Problem

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Since a couple of years now I have stopped participating in a group called Desteni. They are still active and you can look it up although my story is more about what kind of effect your belief system has on the world and the effect of the world on a person with a already installed set of perceptions about that world. I don’t participate anymore because I don’t believe all of the main things Desteni is based around which is the wondrous portal. I’d say Desteni is a lot like any religion with its own creation story and the belief in a woman that can bring out anything in existence and speak as it including people after they die. (i know it sounds kind of silly when you sum it up very short but its what it is)

I looked for answers in all kinds of matters, simple matters like how is there hunger and complicated matters like where do we come from. See, Desteni came up with all these answers for me, for others it might be their religion or their parents or friends telling them answers but for me it was this group. What happens is that instead of looking at the world like something you already knew mostly, things started opening up and were subject to change and more interesting through the glasses of Desteni then I had ever seen before. We all know we sort of loose that sense of wonder with the world after some time aging.

The thing is in reality is we know very little, and the fact is we can’t know anything really since it is interpreted through the mind which is conditioned to believe and recognize certain patterns. All we know is that what has been before and we can start to make all kinds of parallels to how it is now. Knowledge is therefore in effect the past. The past is continued through the now towards the future which is the past as well as it is projected exactly as it was before. Clinging onto knowledge like in science will every-time make an area to look at smaller and smaller as it is the refined past that is being looked at. However what is a really undeveloped skill in adults is the ability to free think and look at something without involving the mind as you are used to it, looking at something without involving judgement or any system that analyses what you are seeing/doing more like a child does.

As a foundation now we have an education system which teaches you to repeat after you are told, solve problems that a computer can solve much quicker. So instead of making human beings computers to run this system, rather have computers do the work so we can focus on things that are truly important to a human being. Which is for each to figure out through doing, working and living. Right now we have a system that is based on conflict through conflict we get to progress. Everything you have learned is fighting for something overcoming conflict so you can advance to a greater consciousness which is aspired and formed from a very young age. Business is conflict as it tries to compete and make money over the backs of others.

When we look at where we need to progress it is rather that we need to stop progressing and look at what the fuck we are doing, to this planet, to each other, to ourselves. Rather have people work less because the current economic growth is just based on a virtual reality where there is no limit, not to the physical reality. We are continuously pushing the limit for no reason at all except for some fame and money for those that make it to the top. These things were the things I wondered from the beginning, like why is reality like this and how come we still haven’t figured it out. Well that sort of is the problem as we are going as we have gone before and although we have figured everything out already the mass can’t stop, except for smaller incremental steps that are slowly being taken. Together this means that human kind awaits a future that is rather grim and this is something that you don’t want to get reminded of, but still it is rather obvious.

You might say: “ah well we have made it this far so we’ll see” but really in no time there will be fully automated supermarkets where you pay with a chip in your body and all the work is basically done by a computer then still we got this whole new problem which is: what the hell do I do now? Maybe people will be surrounded by machines even more to communicate and play so that you hang in your living room in your self-cleaning diaper with a VR on your head. I mean at what point is it gonna matter what living is and what virtual reality is? Because what we support is a virtual reality not a physical one.

My experience and perception of myself

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For some time I have felt ashamed about what I have done in my life, because of what I believed and I have come to the point where I am not ashamed of that anymore or feel bad about my experiences. I can see how I have come to do and believe what I have and I have stopped judging myself for it, more importantly is how to continue after all. It is simply impossible to continue with clinging to the past too much. I have experienced hallucinations and other things that I can honestly say were outside of my control, something I would never think possible. Yet the human mind is much more fragile than I have thought before. On the other hand it recovers, but much slower than the body.

Slowly I’m building up my self confidence again and am able again to reflect on what has happened as this was not possible for me for some time. Lots of things remain fascinating to me also about others in a similar situation how what I believed eventually took over and how strong your convictions can become and completely can take over. I am thankful for the experiences I have received and I can honestly say that whatever happens you should never give up on yourself even if you feel you can’t go on. Talking to others with an open mind that have had their realization in life about their beliefs and have met themselves so to speak has done that for me as does writing about it, because you can read back what you wrote and see in what phase you were in gives support, support to keep going forward and be honest to myself in that I have a long way to go but that you can do something about yourself. Its the only way really to achieve anything is to take a look at yourself first.

I don’t have advice for anyone else since it is only within an individual alone that you can start to make a change or challenge themselves to new things to keep moving and simply following some advice isn’t going to initiate that. Just like others I believe in sharing since I have seen a lot of blogs of people trying to make a difference from within themselves and I see that the internet has the potential to be a great tool in self help combined with other factors always that have to be already present for anything to work and that is a basis for self-dialogue. You can enable yourself to work actively on what you think and later will do as you can argue that thinking is in a sense a sort of doing.

This is as simple as actively planning and monitoring your reactions to what you have done so that you can adjust your planning to a sustainable level to your challenge level. It’s a simple way to put yourself to work and actively improve your reactions.

banger or bible hugger?

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Dimensions for an educated person might mean a plane or a realm or even a separate existence. It is a defined point of anything really and can mean anything, but it always means something. Say you crumble a piece of paper, every line on the paper creates new dimensions and the entirety is a dimension on its own in fact and most know this dimensions are infinite and you can recognize speech that deals with dimensions through words like within and as and like where it folds and unfolds and skips dimensions. What however is never possible is to get a real overview as it is always coupled with a name a definition of some sort that is pre-existing, you can never get to “god” so to say which is of course what everyone always tries to do.

A personality is a dimension of a kind as well, it consists of definitions and can be infinitely evolved like a book can much like  the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky where the human being evolves as the top species and becomes ‘god’ in a sense through evolution. It is one of the fairy-tales that keep most of society going actually, first a rocket to the moon and a nuclear program before anything basic like food for everyone and a roof for everyone. Calling that human evolution is just bullshit, it is simply common sense that human kind strife’s for what they can’t have and the truth is that we rather have to stop doing certain things instead of trying to do more.

Working with channeling and astrology where star signs align to what you do and so on is also pre-existing definitions within our self that we unroll as far as I am concerned. Everything to do with the dimensions is divination as a matter of fact even math and it always fits because it is like saying the train fits well on the land, ignoring the tracks that were lain down completely or being surprised it gets to its destination.

At the moment you define life, its only a life that is defined as such so its specific it has content that is interpreted and that makes it possible to do evaluation after life because you use a definition or a specific part of interpreted experience and call it life to which you can apply specific language to explore that without really going into the specifics because it is reinterpreted. This is rather useless as it is the experience of the physical individual that can never be retrieved like a black-box and that is where the magicians and interpreters come in and call it something else and take your money.

Some believe that this physical existence is eternity or that there is eternity after death the science corner believes its all a random accident that came out of an explosion that exploded out of nothing or whatever. Both are completely unverifiable, but one thing is for sure, if you try to grasp eternity from a dimensional plane you are gonna see nothing but black and if you try to do the same with the big bang its much the same as there is nothing to define after a certain point and it becomes impossible to get any overview.

Another view could be that there wasn’t something to explode speaking in big bang terms or in other words substance isn’t something that had to start existing or have to exist eternally it could just be morphing like a fluid changing form and we have been so indoctrinated in thinking that something has to be there existing in something else, its like our thought process is stuck in a box. Simply because what we observe and note down become the tracks that we ride for the time being as a mind. People that tell me, its all randomly generated I think don’t care about the question and simply do as has been told, people that simply believe in a god and eternity because the bible say so do exactly the same.

The purpose of this is to test for yourself if you can even do this mental exercise and see if you have a predefined idea about how everything started because we can’t proof any of it. If you can’t it is a limitation that you won’t be bothered by at all as everything we know is situated around this knowledge as fact and when you use something so crucial as fact you will never be able to see another concept as it passes because you will have already decided what it should be and whether you are a banger or a bible hugger.

My involvement in Desteni and a warning to others

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For a couple years of my life I have been involved with this group and I write this to inform and to share my experience so that others make their choices in an informed way and may also learn from my experience.

Desteni is a group that I got attracted to, because they did interviews through a woman called Sunette. I got attracted to it because most answers were for the picking up that other conspiracy sites didn’t give satisfactory answers to. Admittedly I was a little bit desperate to get answers and to find out more about subjects where honestly speaking of after the fact aren’t real answers to. The subjects I am talking about range from aliens and human origins to the afterlife and everything related to the paranormal. I went as far as going to visit this group and did lots of things in the name of Desteni which I have mixed feelings of on the other hand I feel like I did them and they are part of who I am now and the path I have walked and I don’t shove them away completely.

See for the most part Desteni seemed good and all, but I have always doubted many things such as how there would ever be a solid grip on any sort of dimension after life and what those people would actually do (just sit in a dark room exploring some space or what). After a while I saw that I had taken many things for granted in the quest to get answers and I was neck deep in material that I wasn’t sure of its validity. Mainly what made me doubt is that there is never anything specific that is extracted and that there is no way to check for anyone anything that is being transferred through the so called portal which is what Sunette was called as a human placement that could express anything in existence. Afterlife interviews originally it was duped and it got me completely in the beginning, but it was easy to see afterwards that most of it is just like a horoscope – it seems to get everything right, but in a very general way. Nope don’t believe horoscopes either by the way.

The problem that I got with Desteni is that everything is based on the portal really, if that falls away as a dupe then everything that has been derived from it and based around it becomes sort of obsolete. Its like promoting self honesty and self forgiveness, but if you have a base of complete lie then nothing of that really comes through anymore. The first time I realized it could be a lie is how I saw Bernard made a remark about the portal where he would often made a remark about the portal saying: “ha, and now we have the walking dead among us how cool is that” and how he would gauge our reaction to it as if it was some kind of attraction. Also how he would open and close it and determined everything that was being done concerning the ‘portal’ and also how in the stories of the beginning of the ‘portal’ it really was him that created it and it seemed that Bernard was using experience and only the experience from Sunette as a sort of cross reference to what he was doing. What was exactly going on I couldn’t tell, Sunette never talked completely open about the portal or the experience thereof and it seemed to me that Sunette was kind of lost in all this. Which does confirm my suspicion that she was simply going through a mental break perpetuated by drugs or I don’t know she went through some heavy shit, because you just don’t pull something like that off so easily – however people that go through a psychic break can have all kinds of experiences and they can increase sensitivity and amplify experience and that’s what I am seeing someone on XTC or a psychic break or both. However that is but conjecture from my part.

I have mixed feelings about Desteni, on the one hand there are capable people there that know how to handle shit and I wonder how far they have been allowed by Bernard to walk after the white rabbit or if he has actually told them the truth straight up. It was the con of a lifetime from him, but I suspect that a lot of people involved in Desteni were already sucked into demonology they were doing as what Desteni was originally doing. From my experience most people at Desteni still get attracted initially by the portal interviews, but there is less emphasis on it now and it is more for the insiders – the afterlife type of interviews I mean. Even though Desteni has brought forth a lot of different tools and practical things and proofed some things through walking them that doesn’t take away that at the core it is based on a lie and even if you could look past it and look at the practical side, the very fact that this cult continues with it completely defeats its own purpose. In all respect to its members which I see as people I have met and spoken to and experienced and in my opinion are good folk as they call it at home here.

I do think Desteni has a certain effect on its members as there is a certain language around Desteni that makes it cut itself off from the main world and it becomes a domain on its own. Its own paradigm of research with a different language to fit it. There is no way for outsiders to remotely understand what is going on until they join or read into the material of Desteni. Quite typical and not healthy for any human being to entertain too much as it is like a virus, it just takes over and you will be talking a completely different language in less than a few months time. I had no experience with cults before, but I have definitely hit one hard and it had an effect on my life where you cannot relate this to others and when it really comes down to it there is nothing to come down to as it is all made up by Desteni. I feel ashamed afterwards for having been part of this for so long before I could get my feet on the ground again and I feel it was a part of my path to search for answers and new experiences that were also very positive as it is great to be part of a group and ask questions that aren’t really addressed in class.

As for some closing words I would say: there are no good cults, there are no simple paths to answers, there is no afterlife you can ask, there is no great speaker that does it better than others. We do each of us our own thing and share that with others, that is all that is going on and we learn from our experiences and we love to share em for good and for worse and most of all we do everything to get further to the next level and we never really do and we get so stuck in this struggle that is what life is, this jumbled up stuff that you did because you wanted to do something so bad but you have to do with what you got.